The exception Priviledged instruction???????

hello. hope someone can help me out. im using windows 7 ultimate x64, and i reformatted about a week ago. no reason in particular, i reformat a few times a year. this is the first time ive reformatted since i got 7 though. anyway, ive been getting these weird lockups and error messages. seems more frequent when im using IE or mozilla, but sometimes im not doing anything. anyway, i was watching the masters on firefox. my pc froze up, so i rebooted. when i rebooted i got the following:

The exception Priviledged instruction.
(0x0000096) occurred in the application at location 0x77261196
click on ok to terminate the program

also, ive also been getting an error message on startup about AVG. i cant remember offhand what it says, but its an AVG dialog box that pops up, not a windows one. it doesnt say anything about a threat or anything. im still waiting to hear from AVG, but i thought it might be worth mentioning.

i appreciate greatly any help. and thank you in advance

E8400 3.0ghz @ 3.6ghz
asus P5Q turbo
CB tracers 4x2 gig ddr2(800)
asus 5850
BFG 800watt psu
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  1. Tried disabling AVG for a while and seeing if you still get the same errors? Obviously be careful browsing without it up.
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