Unknown device

what could be this device ? maybe the wireless adapter ? i remember in windows xp
it used to recognize 2 adapters one of them is named by numbers like : 312 network adapter i dont remember

what is the the right thing to to here ? thanks

ok driver id says its ATK0110 which is a utility found at asus download section . but so am not a power user . what good is this driver for ? what changes it will make ?

am kinda worried i spent lots of time formatting and installing i dont wanna mess anything
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  1. Delete (with the delete key) the Unknown device.
    Check the Device Manager again.
    Has it reappeared?
  2. yes it has. so i used disable key this time .
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    No. Not disable.
    You have a device that is not being installed properly.
    Recommend booting into the Safe mode (F8), then right click on the Unknown device.
    Select Uninstall this time.
    Recheck the Device Manager.

    If that doesn't work, you might give this a try...

    that program will show nothing because that driver is atk110 ( asus technology ) is not a hardware device . its a virtual device utility that interact with ACPI 2.0 Support in bios which
    is disabled by default ..

    that atk utility can make u control some features in bios from windows .
    i dont need it at all so i disabled the driver .

    and it can not be removed . it must be updated by installing atk110 or disabled ,
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  6. Hey guys, I just spent two weeks with the annoying USB connected error, accompanied by a ghost USB device in Device Manager that would just not go away. I tried registry hacks, uninstalling/updating/disabling the drivers etc. I didn't go as far as reformatting or re-installing Windows because from what I read that never seemed to help. Also unplugging my computer and letting it drain of power didn't fix the issue either.

    What DID solve my USB woes was the Windows 7 "HotFix". It's basically a hotfix for USB problems on W7. It's litterally the only thing that fixed this issue- so if you've got this problem look no further.

    You can download the (x64) HotFix here:

    I'm sure the hotfix is available for x32 as well. The name of the hotfix is "Windows6.1-KB2528984-v2-x64" if you need to further search it.

    Hope it helps!
  7. Hi friend,
    When you attach any new device with your system or if the OS of your system unables to recognize your hardware or you are not having proper driver software then the device attached by you is known as Unknown Devices.
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