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Hi! I am absolutely weary from trying to find an inkjet printer that suits my needs - salespeople seem unable to answer some crucial questions I have.

Hopefully, these may be straightforward questions for you!
I need:
a printer that can accept 160g/m card,
that can print CD faces
that will print envelopes of differing size.
I would also prefer inks that are separate, rather than multiple.
It doesn't need to be multi-functional, as I already have one but no probs if it is.

Can you help?

Jill Walker
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  1. What kind of budget are you looking at?
  2. buwish said:
    What kind of budget are you looking at?

    Thanks for replying. Anything up to £100.00 (I'm in the UK) would be OK. I had an Epson RX220 which had all these
    features but, it finally died a death! It also needs to be compatible with a Mac.
  3. Quote:
    I don't know your buget. What about this Lexmark Prospect Pro205 Wireless All-In-One Inkjet Printer/Copier/Fax/Scanner $50.00.

    Sweet price. Nice specs. It might meet your needs well. Hope u find the best bet.

    Thanks for replying - I had a look at this Lexmark - offered for $119 with $50 off the price, so I think you read it wrongly. Anyway, I see that it accepts card thickness, which is what I need but no mention of CD face printing function.
    I've made a note of it - thanks again
  4. I own a Lexmark Prospect Pro205 wireless all-in-one. Today I am waiting for FedEx to arrive with my new print head for it. One week to the day that the first year warranty died, so did the print head. I have a love/hate relationship with this "piece" of equipment. When I print screenplays, it does do fine except for dropping some pages from the print job, as I discovered when working with them later and not finding some pages. It does have some nice features and we do also print CD labels for which it's all right. The fax is great. The copy is great. The scan is great. The paper feed is off again, on again okay; it has a tendency to gobble multiple sheets and choke itself on occasion but not often. It also feeds individual sheets crookedly sometimes and dirties up the 'guts' of the print path when it jams. I did received excellent tech support via "live chat" on the Lexmark site but was very disappointed that I had to contact them at all. Because we did purchase the extended 5-year warranty, they sent out the required component which I hope does arrive today; tracking says it's at least in this state now. I'm totally put off on Lexmark products now because a family member who has a new one can't use theirs at all after a couple of months. One day I may try to help get it functional again but right now the owner is so angry with the whole mess he doesn't even want to talk about it! "Something" seems to have happened to Lexmark in the past few years; those of us who have current issues have had Lexmark printers (ink jets) in the past and loved them. Not true anymore; we're moving to a laser printer for our screenplay needs when they must be done in bulk for production; new printer will be either a Canon or Brother. I'm not saying don't get the Pro205; just be aware that there are a lot of haters of Lexmark out there now, often related to folks trying to refill the ink cartridges. We don't do that; have always used genuine Lexmark ink...and still burned out the print head before 7000 sheets. I've never printed more than 200 pages in any one day and on most days far fewer than that. :heink: Several owners state they solved all of their issues with this machine with a big hammer. No joke.
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