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My Panasonic P50U50 is making a buzzing noise. It changes depending on what's being displayed, when it's just displaying black, it makes less buzzing noises (it sounds like there's one thing buzzing instead of 2, or something like that). It seems to be coming from the top of the TV, and turning off the integrated speakers doesn't do anything about the noise. It's been doing this since I got it, but I hadn't really thought much of it until now. Is this normal, or do I need to get it fixed?
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    I just bought the same TV last week and I also heard a faint noise while standing right at the screen. Depending on how long you've had it, take it back if it really bothers you. If it's audible from sitting down while viewing, there is definitely a problem because the only way for me to hear it is standing with my ear right at the screen. I have heard of others complaining of the buzzing noise and returning it.

    Could just be a quirk of this model. It is definitely considered a low-budget model but the picture quality makes it unbeatable in that price range. If you're not happy with it, I can recommend a few replacement models for you.
  2. It's not audible from where I sit, I was just wondering if it was normal. Thanks.
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