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Newegg has two new mobos for the amd athlon 64:soyo sy-k8usa(ali chipset) and ecs 755a(sis chipset).The soyo seems to be able to use decent ram at decent latencies(corsair xms 3500c2 2-5-2-2) and actually use more than one HD without tripping all over itself...finally a more than good mobo for the amd 64!
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  1. link to review: dragon ultra/k8usadragonultra-1.htm
  2. <A HREF=" dragon ultra/k8usadragonultra-1.htm" target="_new"> dragon ultra/k8usadragonultra-1.htm</A>
  3. ALi is BACK baby! w00t! Between them and SiS we'll have good A64 boards yet!

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  4. Problem is, they are calling the soyo board a socket A part, with an amd chipset. The price is a little too high for my pocket right now.
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