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I'm fed up with my Microsoft 'Wireless Multimedia Keyboard 1.0A', and it's on its way out, so i'm in the market for a new computer keyboard.

I'm wondering if anyone here has a recommendation that would fulfil these criteria:

Function keys grouped into three groups of four (unlike this board's four groups of three), and function keys that by default send function key messages, rather than this keyboard's 'key shortcuts' buttons (i.e, F2 and F3 are re-bound by default to undo and redo, whereas I want them to send F2 and F3).

Corded (I don't like buying and replacing batteries) USB is great, PS/2 is OK, and i've yet to see a serial or firewire keyboard :D

UK QWERTY laptop (i.e, shift+2 gives " not @)

Full set of punctuation keys (I write code)

Number pad

Keys that 'feel good' - i'm OK with domed rubber keys if there's nothing else available, but these are a bit wobbly, and i'd like something more 'precise'.

I play a fair few games as well - FPS and RTS for the most part, so something that isn't going to jam when it has only four keys held down would be nice.

I'm not fussed about 'extras' like on-keyboard volume control, or shortcut buttons, or media control, or USB hub functionality, etc.

I was looking at the various models of 'Das Keyboard', but they're a little out of my price range. Ideally, i'd like to spend no more than ~GB£40.

Thanks for any help you can give.
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  1. i can't compare prices right now but unicomp makes some nice mechanical switch keyboards. i think they have an option to get uk layout keys also.
  2. the original ibm model m keyboards dated pre-1990 are excellent in build quality, however, they aren't as responsive as new keyboards and they lack a start key.

    i use one myself. there is a noticible pause when holding down the backspace key between the deletion of each letter. on occasion the keyboard also might stop responding for a second or two causing you to retype. i've tested this with both my model m's and with 3 other keyboards on two different machines.

    overall the benefits outweigh the limitations but a brand new mechanical switch keyboard would be ideal.
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