HP Photosmart printers, C310a and C410a toss up

So I get student discount at HP and they have a line of printers that are fabulous.

These are my picks so far:(all HP)

D110a 59.99$

C310a 129.99$

B210a 134.99$

and possibly C410a 169.99$

The best overall was C310a as far as price(129.99) and ink. It also was the only one with all the features.
The B210a is very identical, but it didn't have a longer duty time, it was 24 bit, smalled lcd, and less cpm.

The C410a had everything the C310a does, but obviously it has the fax, and better dpi on the scanner but the rest the same.

I just wonder if anyone has any of these, I am sure a lot of you do, because we have always used hp printers in my house as long as I can remember.

So please let me know if you think the C310a is a great choice, and I guess if I want fax I will just get the C410a.
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  1. I considered the other printers on HP, but the photo smart lineup seems to be the home use printers, while the others are meant for more serious.

    I guess here are my printing needs:

    School Papers: Mainly black and white and pictures in them, Print out flyers, Informations, Calenders and so on

    Personal: Printing Reciepts, and other things of that nature, internet things and all others

    Photos: I like to do photos as a hobbie, nothing serious, but I like to do them.

    Scan: I scan a lot of documents and make copies of many things for my files

    I could use a fax once in awhile for school and other things, but I get along just fine without one.
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