HP IIIp Will NOT power up.

I have a Hp IIIp Laser printer with minimal pages run thru it and love the type of print it produces -- a very high quality. I do not use the printer reguarly unless I want a high quality B&W product. However, as of about 3 weeks ago -- I cannot get the printer to power up. I have changed the power cable out and completely disconnected it -- and it still will not power up.

Any suggestions ???? Mike in Virginia
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  1. Presumably the power supply -- many of the components used in them are pretty much off the shelf so it may be worth seeing a repair guy. I'm sympathetic with you on old HPs -- I just waved bye to a 6p which had worked flawlessly for years despite being found in a dumpster. The refill had gone and I have a pile of laser printers -- a shame really as the newer HP models I have are flimsy by comparison.
  2. maybe the fuser or if you have it connected to a power bar, connect to the wall.
    if no go, power supply.
    we have fixed many of the older HP printer, since there are lot of parts still available.
    they are built like a brick. Many computer stores (independent & big box) do not have access to parts for older printers.
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