Cant remember my MyMSN password

My computer suddendly stopped being able to remember my MyMSN password, and I must re-submit my login information every time I log into the MSN site (which I use as my homepage).
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  1. Do you have a question of some sort, or are you just letting us know?
  2. Which browser?Maybe need to reset the password in the options or could be an issue with the cache.
  3. Maybe you set yourself as "Do Not Track" and then it won't save anything or you cleared your cookies.
  4. If your using a program like CCleaner to clear your browsing history, it will delete the cookie necessary to save the password. You can elect to save that particular cookie in Options.
  5. I dont use CCleaner, and I dont know what "do not track" means.

    I am using Internet Explorer 9.

    Thanks for the help.
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