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Let's all act like we're retarted dogs for a moment...ok, thats it, you're eyes are crossed and you want to run into your car parked outside, very good. Now, you're hungry from running around and you come up to 3 different bowls of soup, one says "homemade", another says "pos dell", and another says "runaway, i'm emachines". Which one are you going to eat? You first think, well everyone else is eatin Dell, I might as join the banwagon. so you walk up to it and hear a phone ringing"ring, ring. ring, ring. hello, this is roberto, how may i help you. i was wondering why my soup is talking to me. well you have purchased a piece of crap dell that comes standard with crap that you just don't get and hate at the same time. ok, thanks, bye. click." so you poop on the dell soup and another dog says "mmm, cherios". so you walk up to runaway i'm emachines and it yells at you "you kicked my dog! you come down to my house and kick my dog. why you come down to my house and kick my dog?! i didn't kick you're dog. damn you! you kick my dog!" then you kick that bowl of a cliff and say goodbye, goodbye birdie. then you walk up to the homemade soup and eat all night long, and it lasts you for years and years and you are happy and well fed. :) THE END

My Rig:
AthlonXP 2000+ 1.677ghz
GeForce Verto FX5200 128mb DDR
Maxtor 7200RPM 80GB, Stock 40gb
Kingston 384MB DDR
Cendyne 52x24x52 CD-RW
Lite-On 4x DVD-RW
Go EMachines...:(
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  1. Very good,

    You should write childrens books!...

    AMD Athlon 2500+
    512MB PC3200
    GeForce FX 5600 Ultra
    Windows 2000 Professional
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  2. Its too bad that so many people have to try the Dell and emachines soup first. If only they knew.
  3. I would get a Dell! I love them.

    :evil: <b><font color=red>K</font color=red></b>anavit's Aquamark3 rig----><A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
  4. The only reasen you love Dell is that there are no AMD CPU`s in it !

    THG : The last 5-6 reviews have allways either had skewed results, or just somehow strangely come to a completly diferant conclusion then all of the other sites around.
  5. I think emachines are good computers for a cheap internet computer and they have both AMD and Intel processors so they technically offer more to customers than Dell or Gateway. I would never buy a prebuilt one but for my family I just pretend I don't know what a computer is. I would build one for them but once you do your automatically tech support, tutor and fixer. I'll build my own for myself, the rest will fend for themselves.

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    A64 3200+ w/ 1 GB DDR 400
    2 36 gig raptors in Raid 0 complemented by an AIW 9800 Pro
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