How to reinstall using toshiba recovery disc

I have a toshiba satellite u305-s5077 and i was trying to format it and reinstall the OS but i formatted and now cant find the option to reinstall the OS on the recovery disks
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  1. Have you tried booting directly to the recovery disk? Just access the boot menu when you first turn on the laptop and select CD/DVD drive.
  2. There are two types of "rescue type" restore procedures involving optical media:

    1. Everything OS on optical boot machine up w/ disk in drive and it does it's thing. If you have changed boot order, then have to go back into BIOS and put optical drive 1st in boot priority.

    2. Most everything is on a hidden HD partition....put in optical media and it pulls the stuff off the hidden location. In this case, ya don't wanna format the hidden partition.
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