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New to Xp Pro and was hoping someone could tell me how to delete a user account that was set up on OS installation (not Administrator). Went to Control Panel/User Accounts but can't figure it out. Thanks!
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  1. Have to be logged in as Administrator > control panel> user accounts> click on "Guest" account> turn on/off USER account. (This disables it).

    To delete it as an Administrator >Right click My computer> manage> local user groups> Groups> right click USERS> delete.
    (Once you do this you cannot set it up again).

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  2. Actually this is an account made for my wife. Account name "K". How can I delete this one?
  3. Well you have to have Administrator rights to do tasks like that as far as I know and would be done as I described before, or if you can access/logon into that "k" account where you may be able to delete it or even change the username, password and picture.

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