Acer Aspire 5536 Extreme Heat Issues

Hello there;

I'm currently using an Acer Aspire 5536 for all my personal computing needs.

I have recently bought a few games for the PC which I seemed to have well within the limits to run quite well, however, I found that they ran extrememly slowly, often crashing.

I looked up more than a few websites to see why, turns out heat may have been an issue.

I use a program called CoreTemp, to determine my CPU temp (highly recommended by a few) and discovered that my CPU is running ~71-90 Celsius quite regularly.

I assume this is quite excessive, just wondering how i can reduce this heat, and if so, will it make these games run properly.


Burnout Paradise
Mass Effect
Command and Conquer: Generals

(Yes, I do like the old school games)

Kindest Regards

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    Acers are known to have heating issues, hence your issue. Your best bet may be to look into a cooling mat that you set under the laptop and depending on the model usually has 2-4 fans that are powered by USB. This may help you out by getting the temps down a few degrees. Also, ensure that all the heat release ports are clear of dust and such.
  2. Thanks for the reply, will do.

  3. Sorry to bump this thread again;

    Any parrticular cooling mat preferred for this model?


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  5. Hi i have the same problem with acer 5536, its a design fault,i very stupid 1 at that, anyway the vent on the bottom is closed of and it should be opened, i used a stanley knife to open each slot its very time consuming and u need to be careful that u dont damaged the case, since i have opened the vent i have no problems with over heating,before it would run around 94 to 101c when playing games,now the highest it goes is 67 to 78c. ;)
  6. John Jones, that's a great idea. I am going to implement that tomorrow. Why didn't they open those vent spaces on the bottom of the laptop to allow better airflow? I am quite confused about that.
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