Why Dell using low wattage PS for some comps?

I was looking through dell support site and I happened to notice some of the PS thier systems have. Thier 8300 system, that support 3.2 ghz cpu, has a 330w PS. Scroll down and power section and look at it here:
<A HREF="http://docs.us.dell.com/docs/systems/dim8300/sm/specs.htm" target="_new">http://docs.us.dell.com/docs/systems/dim8300/sm/specs.htm</A>

Anyhow I went on check on other system and I found out thier small version of the dual xeon 450 system has only a 360W PS! <A HREF="http://docs.us.dell.com/docs/systems/ws450/en/ug/info.htm#1124310" target="_new">http://docs.us.dell.com/docs/systems/ws450/en/ug/info.htm#1124310</A>.

Some of thier comp actually have biggest PS. But it sure seem those PS are too low wattage, espcially that 450 system. Are they using super good PSes or something?
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  1. A certified 330W power supply is all you need to run even a game system with a Burner a separate DVD and 2 hard drives.

    Power your high end graphics card a PCI host bridge card for an external or internal Sound Rack and up to 20 USB and 4 Fire Wire ports.

    You can throw into that 2 com ports COM1 and COM2 plus peripherals such as FAX/Scanners and printers.

    If you are using a home P.C that requires more then 330 Watts to function then you are using hardware components not found in a home P.C......Besides each type of power supply is different internally aside from the Watt's Rating a power supply can handle Voltages and Amperages differently and have many internal channels for power distribution. Since a Power supply in a computer is working in a Parallel circuit design you can slave in many extra power connectors and not even use up the power supply base rating.

    An Example of a higher end power supply is the Enermax Series EG365P-VE FCA and the EG465P-VE FCA Supporting Intel P4 & AMD XP and K8 CPU's
    Intel ATX 2.03 / ATX 12V Ver 1.2 Compatible + 12V & Aux Power Connector. Solutions for EPS 12V & AMD ATX-GES

    Both of those power supplies have built in fan speed control knob and 2 separate fans one intake and one exhaust fan. The primary Exhaust fans has a power lead from the power supply chassis that is connected to the power fan 3 pin jumper on the main board and controls the exhaust fan and the intake fan in the bottom of the chassis has a Thermistor Diode that is stuffed into the heat sink that controls the Fan speed based on CPU heat dissipation needs.

    ALL OF THAT IN A yes you guessed it a Certified 330 Watt power supply.

    More then you would ever need and on the flip side of all that if you wanted a battery back-up system in case of a Power failure where you live it would cost you many BIG CLAMS for an EPS that would support a P.C requiring more then 330 Watts to function.

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  2. Most retail power supplies are rated at peak output. Dells have always been rated at continuous output as far as I know. Most high end machines barely draw more than 200W continuously.

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