Amd radeon 6xxx series problems

i've updated to intel hd 3000,then,my games graphic become :fou: ..hurmmm...
my amd radeon hd 63000 doesn't work correctly code (43)..
is it intel hd 3000 affect my amd and can i downgrade it to intel hd family back?

please help meh... :)
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  1. So you have a 6xxx what GPU. 63000 isn't one and neither is 6300. Secondly you said you upgraded your processor to what? The Intel graphics are useless if you already have a discrete card.
  2. This may help.

    Basically either your graphics card is faulty or you are not using the correct drivers for it or your motherboard is not compatible with the graphics card (if it is AGP).
  3. my processor is intel core i3,,yaa,,its 6300,my bad..
  4. i use soaftware navigator to update my driver,i think because of that i cant roll back in device manager..
  5. duplicate post
  6. hey install your AMD Graphics Card again in device manager and then download drivers -
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