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I didn't know were to put this, so I put it in this section. When I play COD Black Ops my mouse seems to give out. It will barely move. It barely happens in minecraft, but it still does. What is the issue? Should I RMA?
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  1. do you mean that for alot of vertical/horizontal motion you make with your mouse the cursor moves very slowly in the same directions on the screen? if so you might want to adjust your mouse sensitivity up in game. if it acts this way out of game you might want to change mouse sensitivity in windows control panel (or adjust the dpi in your mouse config if applicable)

    or are you describing normal mouse movement...then all of a sudden the mouse freezes up and slows down.

    we need to know a bit more of the story to propose a solution (if the above fix isnt the problem). also it might help to know what type of mouse you are using (model? brand? age?)
  2. Well, I think I fixed it. I installed the driver on another mouse and that mouse worked fine, then I put my own mouse back in and it installed those drivers and now it works fine. ;) Thanks for the help though.
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