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I have two external hard drives, both with Windows Vista SP1. I would like to install Windows 7 on my largest external hard drive. I also would like to clean and re-format my other external drive. Please help me by telling me how or where I can accomplish these above mentioned items. I want to keep my Vista Home Premium SP2 on the internal drive tht I am using now. Thanks, Joan :hello: :hello:
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  1. right click the hard drive and choose format ntfs quick!
  2. using format will not remove the NETLDR.DLL from the MBR, so you will not be able to install the OS on it, you need to download The Ultimate Boot CD, then burn a disk, you will need to install the HDD drive in the computer and disconnect all the other HDD's, make this the only drive the computer sees, ( if it is a IDE then install it on the same chain as the CD), and boot from The Ultimate Boot CD at startup, then go to Hard Drive Tools and select Wipe one pass zero's, select the HDD and Wipe the drive, you will need a unregistered copy of 7 for each drive you want to install 7 on, reboot with the Win7 disk in the CD drive and install, afterwards put the drive in the enclosure, although I do not understand why you want to install the OS on the externals
  3. number13 said:
    using format will not remove the NETLDR.DLL from the MBR...

    Sorry, I think I might be missing something... Do you really mean NTldr.dll?
  4. Yes, sorry fat fingers
  5. OK, thanks!
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