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Im looking for a 5.2/6.2/7.2 home theatre option, must conect via HDMI, any price will be ok, but not over the top lets say $900 max
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  1. home theater in a box (htib) or do you plan on building your own by picking out speakers, subwoofers, and a receiver?

    i've never seen a htib unit come with two subs right out of the box.

    unless you have a large room why do you need two? one can be more than sufficient. there are even speakers which have deep lows so a subwoofer is optional.

    just some things to think about.
  2. I was looking at htib, something like the below




    As for the 2 x Subs, dont realy know why just feeling like 2 x :lol:
  3. one thing to keep in mind is that you might be limited by what inputs and outputs the speaker control center has. meaning for example you might get great sound through the integrated blueray player but it might not accept other signals. check this on any device you are interested in before you buy.

    you might also want to check out the htib unit from klipsch. i've got the next step up from this set (speakers not sold as a htib) and they sound great. i'm not sure but i think they include a denon receiver and not just some combo blueray/receiver unit found on most htib.

    i've seen most of the other htib units... quite frankly the build quality leaves much to be desired. sure they may sound okay but its still just a little plastic box you are spending hundreds on.


    for your budget i'd suggest dropping the second subwoofer. getting an extra matching sub is going to cost at least $150-250 estimated. you would be better off with 5.1 now, upgrading the sub in the future to 5.2
  4. thnx for the help, will see what 5.1 systems are out there and also look at the klipsch

    Now how do i vote you for the best answer? :lol:
  5. there should be a button or link on the posts which the op can pick as a best answer. i've never done it myself though since im always answering not asking!
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