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I have read some articles about dual processor system and it all seems to concude that the performcance is as good not as imagination. But apparently, most graphics workstation use dual processor.
Anyone knows if for graphics (games and animation ) and Video editing, a dual Athlon 1.9G will compare to say FX or Athlon 64 3400+. Also what would the effect be if two processor is not of the same frequency (say 1.9G + and 2.8G +)
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  1. First dual processors must run at the same speed in Almost all configurations.

    Performance wise it will really depend on how well the paticular program you are running is optomized for dual processors.

    The A643400 would probably beat a dual 1900+ in almost all cases. Because of the software not using both processors at 100% all the time.

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  2. You'd find servers that use 2, 4, 8... processors, but you'd be crazy to put anything more than 2 processors on a system that it used to render images and movies on small scale. (that's not the case if you're Pixar or something...). If the program isn't optimized for dual-processing the second processor would take care of any app in the background requesting clock-cycles which is usually insignificant.
    The bottom line speaks loudest, check if what you're going to work with supports dual-processing, also, note that a dual-processing workstation costs a lot more than uni-processing not only in terms of processor(s) but also the motherboard and the RAM cost usually more than double the ones required for uni-processing. So, with the money you save on other components you can get a really good processor like the AMD FX-51, Intel's P4 C 3.2GHZ or if you have deep pockets, the Intel P4 EE 3.2 (1000$).

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  3. If you imagined 2 processors is twice as good as 1 then you probably imagined wrong. Imagine a mouse, it has two mouse holes, got to be better than one right? Well yes, but clearly you can't get 2 times the mice through one hole. If you divided the mice and they went through both holes togther, that'd work, although you'd loose some time sorting the mice out and telling them which hole to go through. That's pretty much how it is with dual processors. So a benchmark that measures the speed of one processor (how many mice can go through one hole) is going to see a Athlon 64 3400+ work faster than an Opteron 242. Some programs do divide the commands up between two processors, although they aren't twice as fast they are certainly faster than a single processor of the same speed.

    Although you can combine processors of different speeds they will both run at the speed of the slowest processor.

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