Random System Sounds

Hi, i just built a new computer and i am having a system issue.

At random times a system sound starts coming out in preety much even intervals. I have checked the system mixer and its definitely coming from system sounds. The specific category for the sound is "Default Beep", it's the same sound as when you change your volume level with your mouse. I first experienced it after playing the sims and apparently whenever the sound played the game asked me do i really want to quit. Something seems to be triggered when the alert plays but I'm not really sure how to pinpoint the exact problem.

I wanted to try plugging in my usb speakers to see if the problem persists on an external sound card but to be honest i'd love to know if something might be wrong with my graphics (as the sound is now connected via hdmi to the tv) or any other component.
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  1. Scan for virus or other malware.
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