23 vs. 23.6 inch

Hey forums,

I'm upgrading from my once awesome 20" 1680*1050 Samsung (5ms) response time. It's VGA, colors aren't that great anymore, etc.

Here are the two I am considering:



One is a 23.6 inch with a 5ms response time, one is 23 inch with a 2ms response time. They both have DVI, HDMI, and VGA, etc.

Which one would be a better upgrade? (assuming that price doesn't matter)
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  1. Generally speaking, there is not much difference between 2ms and 5ms and 23" and 23.6"

    I would go for the cheaper of the two.
  2. Bigger is better? :) Looks like they are the same series, so similar technology used... except for that minor response time difference which doesn't matter unless you do lots of FPS games.
  3. I do play nothing but FPS
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