Acer Aspire 5534-5410 weird problems

I have a acer aspire 5534 laptop which is 3-4 month old. It was working well before but now after using it for some time(i.e, 1-2 hours) it start to give some weird sound like some bad signals in TV or Radio. It doesn't stop even if i mute my speaker. i think it is due to heating problem but not quite sure of it. can any help me out? i would be really thankful to them.

Another problem that i have got is that some flash drives do not work properly. It opens well and you can copy file to it but cannot be ejected. If you try to eject it the laptop wont shut down.

I have already once recovered the laptop using the recovery disk but both of the above problem are not solved.

Please help me out.......
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    Well, I think if it's that new it should go back to the dealer -- or to Acer under warranty.

    Don't try fixing it yourself in case they take the opportunity to evade their responsibility by claiming you meddled with it, causing the problem.
  2. did it and also got it fixed--thanks for your help.
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