Upgrade NAD Blu-ray disc player?

Hello, Ihave a blu ray copy of the first series of Homeland that has been playing on my NAD blu ray player. Unfortunately, having played disc 1 & 2 my player is asking for a upgrade before it will play the 3rd disc. How do I get an upgrade and why would it be required for one of a 3 disc set?
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  1. What they mean by upgrade is a firmware update. If your NAD has an internet connection then your should be able to do this from one of the menus. If it does not have internet capability then you should go the the NAD website and look for a download of the update which you will burn to a disc and then run in the NAD as per the instructions.
    As to why disc 3 need this I would guess that being the latest it will have been mastered differently than the earlier discs. This happened with DVD when they came out too,
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