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Hi, I have a LG Flatron W2234S LCD screen and yesterday it started cycling through the light view modes and now does it intermittently What could be the cause and how o i fix it?
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  1. Does anyone know what could be wrong or atleast tell me where to look?
  2. Ship it back, our radiology department bought 6 LG Flatron monitors, all 6 have image defects in the LCD screen (blotches usually in the corner of the screens, or the top of them looks like the LCD pannel is melting).
  3. Since it is new, you might as well return it or exchange it for a new one. It's not worth messing around with unless you owned it for a while and it's no longer in warranty.

    You can try to call tech support.
  4. The part that is playing up , is where you plug in the VGA cable, where the monitor CPU
    and controls are. It has power transistors that convert the 5v from the inverter to 3.5v for it self
    and 700mv for driving the signals to the panel. These are the larger -[]E looking blocks.
    The diodes reading should be between 450 and 600 ish. Failing power convertions results in odd
    behaviour in the card. typically getting worst as card heats up.
    Manufacturer Part Number: EBU59489401
    Board Numbers: 791501300700R
    can be got on ebay

    If cooling solves the problem, then dissassembling from inner and outer case and apply a house fan
    would most likey extend the life before error of the unit. Rember your blue peter training, cardboard, keep fingers to side,
    boards apart, using insulated material(also for resting parts on), parts reach 80 degree, 240v, so reassemble safely out of back casing, apply fan,
    see if last longer before error.

    Also a fix for other problems such as when resizing and power save cause unit to switch on/off in a loop

    A replacement card is required when the units starts to loop on / off
    after a period of time.

    To see what you are doing get the service manual at

    as the monitor/ inverter is less than 3 years old, it's unlikey to be at fault
    the warrenty on these monitors is only a year! in place of 3 years
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