Dell windows 7 reinstallation dvd for clean install

I have a dell laptop 5150N. I replaced the hard drive with a new, wiped clean hard drive identical to the one i replaced. On ebay, they sell Dell windows 7 reinstallation dvds, but they have no product keys/ COAs. I do have a product key/ COA underneath my laptop. Will one of these dell dvds work for me?
I need a reinstallation just so i can restore my original system via my recovery dvds from the previous hard drive.
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  1. Maybe... I'd call Dell for a replacement disk.
  2. Probably it's in the digital certificate. Just install with no product key and select activate when online. In case you have problems with activation after that, talk to Dell
  3. my warranty expired so they wont really help unless I pay like $60 to talk to them live. Oddly, it was there site that crashed my laptop while I was updating a driver!
    Digital Certificate? is that located in the motherboard somewhere?
  4. ok looked it up myself, it's in the registry and is placed there by web browsers.
  5. Will one of these dell dvds work for me? < yes the dell ebay media will work fine,just make sure the os matches your oem sticker.
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