A Must Buy????

Hi, this is the Computer I am thinking in buying.
Here in Portugal we don t have much of options has you so what do you think?
My doubts relies on the motherboard and the box...
Opinions are welcome. Thank you.
:: Intel Pentium 4 3066 MHz 478/800 BOX (C/Cooler)
:: ABIT IC7 Intel i875P FSB 800 P4
:: Box ATX Chieftec Dragon DX Black USB Frontal 360W
:: 2x512 DDR 400 MHz Kingston Dual DDR KIT
:: Drive disquetes 3.5 Preto
:: DVD-Rom MSI 16x Preto Retail
:: MSI 52x32x52x Preto Retail
:: Disco 120 Gb Seagate 7200 SATA 8 Mb CACHE
:: Creative Audigy 2 ZS Retail
:: Creative INSPIRE T5400
:: ATI Radeon 9800 PRO 128 DDR
P.S:I do not intend to do overclocking
P.S:I have a limited Budget of aprox. 1700 US Dollars(1500euros)
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  1. Buy P4 3.0C GHz. It's better than P4 3.06 GHz

    ABIT IS7 (i865) will give you almost equal performance, and it costs quite lot less.

    Get a DVD Burner. LiteOn LWD-811S is pretty inexpensive and a decent quality dual format DVD burner. If it's exceeding your budget, then getting a slightly slower CPU (2.8C GHz) and a DVD burner may be a better choice.

    If you don't mind getting an AMD system, the go for Athlon 64 3000+. It's a better buy than P4 3.2 GHz unless your computer's main task is audio/video encoding and 3D rendering.

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  2. Yes look for a Athlon64 3000+, faster as P4 3.2GHz and you can upgrade it with 3700+ ore even a 4000+.
    When Windows XP64 comes out you get a free performence boost.

    THG : The last 5-6 reviews have allways either had skewed results, or just somehow strangely come to a completly diferant conclusion then all of the other sites around.
  3. Chieftec cases are made by chenming,they're well cooled and well made;but how good their PSU are I don't know;at least you'll not be rushing to the hopital or bleeding to death after working with a chenming case :).Be warned they've two defects:no filters on the intake fans and they use usb 1.1 rahter than 2.I don't know whether you can buy them from portugal;but tigerdirect was selling one for $29 something without PSU.
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