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Hi everyone,

Yesterday I bought a second hand Iiyama Vision Master Pro 513 CRT monitor. I've got 3 months warranty on it. The quality is excellent however, the corners (especially the lower left one) are blurry. I also see blue, red, white or yellow colours at the corners with a test pattern. The monitor has some options called "Landing" to play with the disorted colours in the corners, while these can be fixed using the landing option, the blurred stuff can't be removed. The recommended resolution is 1600x1200. If I lower the resolution the blurred edges are gone, but I'd really like to use it with 1600x1200 as it looks better.

My question is; Is it possible to fix this annoying problem? Does this happen because the tube is bad or are there other things I can try? Degaussing it does not work and I've already moved my speakers from it.

I would dearly appreciate some explanation on the blurryness as I've already read some of it on the internet but it confuses me greatly. Some people claim the tube is bad, others say external sources are the problem.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. You might try changing the connector cable (if it's removable and doesn't already have two ferrite blocks). The ferrites are the lumps on the cable -- if there is no ferrite you can improve things by tying a loose knot in the cable (I'm not kidding).

    However, the most likely cure is to lower the resolution. Also bear in mind this is a used monitor and CRTs are pretty old by now, so its power supply may not be up to running the highest res.
  2. Thanks for the fast replies.

    I have changed the signal cable but this did not work. Degaussing it rotates the screen a little bit, then when it's done it rotates back. I find this odd, any ideas?
    There are also two OSD functions called H-Convergence and V-Convergence, they're in the picture quality section. Fiddling around with them makes the text a little blurry and sometimes sharper. I'm going to play around with those two functions some more. Can somebody explain what the two option mean and what they're used for?
  3. I think convergence is to do with fine tuning the direction of fire of the electrons onto the phosphor screen. I doubt if this is relevant to the issue you report. I don't think degaussing is, either.
  4. Update:

    I got 2 corners sharp by adjusting convergence. But, when I do this, another part of the screen gets blurry. This is really frustrating. Why would a monitor have this option anyway, this is my 5th CRT monitor and the first one with this option. Perhaps the gun or a magnet or whatever got misaligned when I, or the previous owner, moved it? Will try to adjust it some more along with the landing option to hopefully get the whole screen sharp.

    Thanks for the suggestions/help/information so far. I'm anxious to see more posts :)

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