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I am trying to re-install Windows 7 on my xps15 l502x dell laptop. Everytime I try to re-install, however, i keep getting the same error message where it says "a cd/dvd driver is missing" (or something to that effect) or something about how I dont have the right drivers for my media. I try to install using drivers I downloaded from the dell website that are both on my usb and on my hard drive, but they don't actually show up. I'm getting really frustrated, can anybody help me?
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  1. Are you installing off a USB stick?

    If so try the solution listed here:

    Hope that helps. If not you may want to try going into the BIOS and changing the boot order to prioritise the USB stick.
  2. Hi
    Is the USB drive FAT formatted? Another option would be slipstreaming the SATA driver using vLite or setting SATA to IDE in BIOS.
  3. Boot off of a floppy (old school), USB or BartPE cd and then format the drive and make it bootable. Then copy the contents of the CD/DVD to the drive in a folder called C:\Windows\i386. I then boot to that drive and run the installer.

    This may help you as then you dont need any drivers for your CD/DVD player.
  4. Im using a live USB. I can get it in all the way to the installation, so I know its recognizing my USB. But it is having some driver problems.... but I already having it booting the USB, I have that part done with.
  5. Wait, Skippy27, which contents are you saying I should copy over? And are you saying I should format my entire hard drive first, and then install it? I was under the impression I could install Windows and it would wipe the drive for me.
  6. Okay, from searching around, it would seem that the problem is that both my USB drive and my USB port are USB 3.0, and Windows 7 doesn't ship with drivers for these or something like that. Time to search for a DVD and hope the problem doesn't still occur!
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