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Hi there ;D
I just wanted an opinion from you about a computer i`m about to buy in Evesham UK ... especially if you could tell me the quality of the DVD burner and the motherboard.

here are the specs:

AMD Athlon 64 3000+ processor with HyperTransport technology

Operating system
Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional Edition

MSI MS-6702 Mainboard

2 x 512MB dual channel DDR (PC3200) 400MHz

Hard disk
160GB serial ATA hard disk with 8MB buffer

256MB DDR ATI Radeon 9600 graphics with TV-out & DVI

Mitsubishi 19" Diamond Plus93

DVD-ROM (16x)

Floppy drive
1.44MB 3.5" floppy drive

CD/DVD Rewriter
Sony DW-U14A Multi Format 4x +R/±RW DVD writer

... all that plus some others minor stuff (modem, sound card, ethernet card ...) for £1150 ...
An other question, i`m thinking of using this computer for some small video editing ... would it be better to have two serial ATA hard drives or one with a partition?

Thank you all for your opinions. See u ;)

PS. Thanks to Coyote ;) ... just moved the post to this section, hope it`s in the right place.
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  1. 256 VRAM is useless. Get a 128 MB Radeon 9600 PRO/XT (make sure it isn't plain 9600 or 9600SE)

    Buy LiteOn LWD-811S DVD dual format burner instead of Sony. It can burn DVD+R at 8x and -R at 4x

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  2. Listen to Spitfire's recommendations...also, if you are doing video editting, get a second HDD.

    Maxtor disgraces the six letters that make Matrox.
  3. That mobo is normally called msi k8t neo-fis2r,here's a review of it(which goes into HD usage with it) http://www.hardocp.com/article.html?art=NTMy/ It's one of the best mobos for gaming at least and should serve other purposes well enough.It only needs single channel ram;but dual channel is ok.
  4. My crystal ball has been acting up a bit lately, but you may regret the smaller cache on the 3000+ when 64 bit windows comes out. I see 64 bit as 2 X 32 bit funtions. That means almost twice the performance in multi-tasking.
  5. Why dont you build your own? You could probably build that system with a 9600 Pro and another hard drive for around the same price. Its not that evesham arent good, its just that I doubt they would be flexible in allowing you to choose your own components.

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  6. maybe he doenst know how...

    theres alot of thing we take for granted

    like, i have a buddy who sells computers. he knows EVERYTHING about computer hardware

    but then he asked me a question the other day:

    "if i cancel im internet subscription, can i connect to my moms computer at work and use her bandwidth?"

    i was like "uh dude, if you cancel your ISP how are you gonna connect to your moms computer"

    i got a "uh" as a response.

    so yea... not everyone knows everything about computers`

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  7. hi everyone !!! great stuff ... thank you all for the different opinions !!! ... indeed i won`t be able to built this sort of machine on my own ... althought some of my friends could. I need to check with Evesham if they would be flexible enough on a few components ... the things is that as long as you start with one of their config they might accept it ...

    This machine will not be used for gaming, i intend to use most of it for graphical works, i`m running AutoCAD - 3DMax - Bryce - InDesign - Photoshop ... these sort of softwares .. that`s why i dunno about the graphic card ..

    Spitfire_x86 -> what ur saying, is that it should be a ATI Pro/XT ... they don`t give any specs on the 9600 onboard ... can u guess the extension? i`ll check that with them ...
    Also for the DVD burner, they have an other choice which is the LG GSA4040BL ... does it ring a bell to anyone?

    Vapor -> It would be best to have two HDD?? serial ATA is best ... so ideally one drive partitioned in two (Windows on one partition, softwares on the others) and the second for video only ... could it be a twin HDD IDE 7200rpm? or serial ATA is definetly the best?

    endyen -> my budget isn`t greater than £1200 ... so the 3000+ is the limit so far ... you`re talking about the AMD Athlon 64 3200+ / FX51 ??

    Thanks for all your help!!! i`ll try to follow ur advice ... have a nice week end !!!
  8. hi, since you're using evesham, i guess you must be in the uk. Check out www.novatech.co.uk, they do some great deals, great customer service. I paid £500 for an xp2000, 25gmb ram, gf4 mx440, 15" monitor, cdrw, dvd etc in september 2001, no one else came close on price. Its quality stuff :)

    XP2000, 256ddr 2100ram, GF4 MX440, XP Pro
  9. Two physical drives would be best, not just a partition...it's tough for a HDD to read two data at once on two distant locations on the platter(s).

    Maxtor disgraces the six letters that make Matrox.
  10. Here's GPU clock/memory clock chart for R9600 cards:

    R9600 = 325/200
    R9600 PRO = 400/600
    R9600XT = 500/600

    R9600 PRO is lot better than plain R9600. There's not much performance difference between R9600 PRO and XT. 256 MB VRAM is completely useless. Moreover, they ofter come with inferior memory compared to 128 MB versions.

    If you can't get LiteOn DVD burner, then get Sony.

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  11. i think you are just showing off...

    My Rig:
    AthlonXP 2000+ 1.677ghz
    GeForce Verto FX5200 128mb DDR
    Maxtor 7200RPM 80GB, Stock 40gb
    Kingston 384MB DDR
    Cendyne 52x24x52 CD-RW
    Lite-On 4x DVD-RW
    Go EMachines...:(
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