Buying a tv tonight need help

ive got the option of getting a 32inch 720p tv or a 27inch 1080p a bit lesser quality tv, ones insignia bestbuys house brand, and ones lg or samsung i beleive.

the insignias 1080p and the other 2 are 720p, just wondering what would be better bigger tv or smaller tv with 1080p.

just for the record the 26inch is 240$ and the other 32inches are 350$ canadian.

mostly for hooking up my pc to game and watch dvdrips. any help would be thankful as im buying it in 1 hour thanks.
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    I would go with the 32" and not worry about the resolution difference. In these screen sizes it will not make much difference and only with Bluray discs at that. The larger screen will be more important.
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  3. alright thanks
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