Casey Anthony...NOT Guilty

I'm sure that those who care have heard that Casey Anthony, who was accused of murdering her 2 year old child, was found not guilty of murder and manslaughter by a jury today in Florida. To me this ranks on par with the OJ Simpson trial in regard to a huge miscarriage of justice. However, I do believe that the jury got it right from a legal-technical standpoint, as the prosecution wasn't convincing enough to rule out any "reasonable doubt." However, from a common sense standpoint, just like the OJ trial, they blew it, plain and simple.

So, if Anthony did not kill her child, what happened or who did? The last time I checked it is generally agreed that not reporting your kid missing until 30 days later is a bit suspicious, not to mention wrong.

Once again, the US justice system fails.
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  1. She should of gone for a longer sentence...of being an abusive mother and not reporting her child,( partying while your child is missing does not excuse you from being innocent.)
  2. Allowing the media circus to carry on during any trial is the problem ...
  3. Exactly oldman, exactly. Whether you agree or not, that is the system in place for ruling on crimes and such. If you are confident enough in a guilty judgment and think it is right/wrong, you should be confident in a not guilty judgment. it shouldnt be based on your own opinion(as far as the conviction)however, you are free to believe whatever you want on the defendant.

    While this is truly a sad moment, if the jury ruled her innocent, then she is innocent and the system is working like it should.

  4. Now keep in mind gentlemen that we only have the 24/7 media version of what happened. I think the jurors must have had a perfectly good reason for doing this....I hope.

    I do again agree with Oldman that the system worked exactly as it should have. Remember being 99% sure someone is guilty is not the same as them being proven guilty.
  5. *Not that I am endorsing killing your kid then lying about it*
  6. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    If only she had killed her daughter 2 years earlier while she was still in the womb, this woman would be held up as a rock star and hero in the main stream media.

    Shut the front door! You just took the crazy train right off the tracks into wrong thread town.
  7. I am honestly not sure if you are trolling or not.....

    95% of what planned parenthood is doing has nothing to do with abortion.

    Im pretty sure people have been getting abortions since before planned parenthood, it just used to happen in alleys with coat hangers.

    Besides its not your choice.
  8. And IBM is directly responsible for killing Jews whats your point?
    Mother Theressa was a sadist.

    Its not your choice.

    What about the fact that women will get an abortion even if planned parenthood didnt exist, this is not really a new problem.

    And remember its only a problem if you have a solution :)
  9. How can anyone convict her of 1st degree murder if they can't determine cause of death? Maybe they should have gone for manslaughter.
  10. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    What if i'm the father? Do I have a choice then?

    p.s. You didn't read the linky did you?

    I read her wiki entry as provided. She died almost 50 years ago. Her views in no way reflect today's, she wasn't even around for women's lib(Well I wasnt either :/ )

    If youre the daddy sure you get a voice. But what about cases with incest or rape? God does everything for a reason should you have to carry the child? Or what about if a womans health is in danger?

    Its not so black and white. The option should be out there and because we are such a freedom loving country the choice should be yours not the governments or the church.
  11. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    You mis-understand. I don't care if Planned Parenthood exists. I just don't want my tax dollars funding it.

    How do you know that is not still Planned Parenthood's charter? As I said before, 67% of all African American pregnancies were aborted in 2010 in New York City alone. Who are the undesirables according to Margaret Sanger again?

    If you think these people don't exist today, here and now, then you are naive.

    Or you are paranoid.
  12. Oldmangamer_73 said:

    Why do think the logo for the Fabian Society is 'a wolf in sheep's clothing'?


    It's an evil conspiracy of certain leftists to murder the unborn children of minorities?

    Those of us that are pro choice, see it as the freedom of the individual to have power over their own lives. We are grateful that we have a constitution that protects us from the government (and people like you) and created a legal system where we are innocent until proven guilty.
  13. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    Not leftists. Eugenics advocates that happen to find a home in leftist socialism.

    If, like mingo, you don't think these people still exist today in society then you are just as naive.

    Of course they exist. So do religious nuts that want to treat women as criminals when they chose to have an abortion.

    What they have in common is a fear of other people and the uncleanly mess that individual freedom creates.
  14. Wouldn't it be great if all the bad things that happen in the world weren't just people being human but a secret organization bent on world domination? You really think the motivation behind planned parenthood is eugenics? If only it were that simple.
  15. And thats how we end up with the thread being closed ... a woman walks free being found not fuond not guilty of murdering her 2 yo daughter ... and you guys want to debate abortion ... which is a woman's choice at the end of the day ... and as there are no women here (the bleeding womb carrying kind) ... the case is closed.

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