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I have a sony dav-hdx678wf dvd home theatre system that will only read/play dvd's that I have burned. Whenever I try to play an "original" dvd, I get an error message. It looks like it is reading ("reading" flashes on screen for approx a minute), then the screen on player reads "NO DISC". Why won't my player read dvd's? If I burn the "original" dvd onto recordable media, it works fine.

I've heard of problems reading burned media, but never have heard of anyone having problems reading the factory burned discs you buy at the store. Can you please help me?

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  1. I reset the dvd player to factory settings witha cold reset. Now it will play some original dvd's. I think it may be an issue of not being able to read dual layer dvd's (d9) and can only read single layer dvds d5's (4.7gb). Is there a way around this? I thought I was able to read dual layer dvd's in the past.

  2. Might want to see if there is a firmware update available. Should not be doing that.
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