Toshiba tecra a2 power LED flashes orange

When I plug in the AC adapter the power LED flashes orange and the laptop will not bootup. If I repeatadly insert the plug into the laptop I can get the LED to go to green and laptop will bootup. The laptop will not bootup on a charged battery but will run and charge battery once laptop has booted up on AC. Also if laptop is shut down and left with battery in the power LED will begin to flah orange. The flash rrate is 5-2-1 repeating
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    It's most likely a sign of a bad power jack. What brand of laptop are you dealing with?
  2. Thread title identifies the laptop.

    I would suspect a dead/dying battery pack or power adapter. Does your tecra manual have the 5-2-1 error code in it? How about Toshiba tech support?
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