Want to overclock Athlon Xp 2500+..Plz Help

I have an AMD Athlon XP 2500+ (1.83 Ghz)
My system specifications are as follows:

Athlon XP 2500+ (1.83Ghz)
AOpen AK77-8XN Motherboard (1Mhz stepping for Overclocking)
40 GB HDD Seagate Barracuda @ 7200
1 GB Simpletech DDR Memory @333Mhz
Gainward Geforce4-Ti4600 128MB

I want to overclock my Barton 2500+
and dont know how to.
I am using the conventinal cooling solution that came with the Barton Processor.
Now if i want to overclock do i need a good fan. Can u advice which fan can be good for overclocking the Barton 2500+.
AND how much can I overclock it.
I am running the Barton at the standard 1.83 Ghz.
I want it in the range of 2.2 GHz or above. As upgrading to 3200+ doesn't make sense if i can make the 2500+ to overclock and look like a 3200+... please advice.

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  1. Your options depend on two things: The manufacture date of your CPU and your memory.

    If your CPU was made before the 39th(43?) week of 2003 then the multiplier will be unlocked. Nothing is simpler than OCing an unlocked CPU, just raise the multiplier to have the desired Mhz. A 2500+ should take 2.2 Ghz no problem with no extra cooling (this is assuming you have adequate cooling in the first place.)

    If your CPU is locked however, the simplest way to OC is to raise the FSB to the desired level(200) from 166. The problem here is memory. I'm not sure your memory can take 400 Mhz.

    There is a third option, but it's not easy and I'm not sure if it'll work. Go for it only if the first two don't work.

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  2. first off, is your memory 333mhz rated, or is it 400mhz and just running at 333mhz. For if it is 400Mhz you can simply up the fsb from 166(333) to 200(400), et viola, you'll have a 3200+.
    I myself have a 2500+ too, I run it at 2800+ speeds (crappy memory). The temps are still ok.
    For overclocking to 2.2Ghz and above I would advise a nice cooler though, perhaps the Aero7, it's nice and good.

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