Need Help ASAP!!!!

here's the spec:

AXP 2400+ throughbred - b 2.0 ghz
Epox 8RDA+ Nforce 2
Chaintech GF FX 5200 128ddr
htl 512 ddr 333 (2 x 256)
300 watts generic power supply

Its not booting up... i boot it up first but wen theirs a floopy error and i tried to sort out if its just not dat tight or i inserted d wrong side of the cable.... after doing that its not booting up... what seem's to be the problem??? this is the first time i encountered from my 1 year assembling pc..... its kinda bad shot to my client.... experts i need your help... thank you in advance....
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  1. If I understand you, you changed the floppy cable connection & it still didn't boot? If so, did you change the cable at both the mobo & drive?
    Is this a new build?
    Can you access BIOS?
  2. What do you mean by not booting up? At what stage of the proccess do you have your problem? What is the exact nature of your problem?

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  5. Often times to a solution find
    be clear of speech and straight of mind.
    The help you seek comes faster to thee
    when the problem is laid out for all to see.
    So begin anew with the problem of you
    and we shall endevor to understand it too.

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  6. OK... Correct me if I'm wrong but the sequence of events is this:

    1)Build PC
    2)PC boots, but gives floppy error
    3)fiddle with floppy connections to try to fix it
    4)PC does not boot at all

    Is that right?
    If so, how far does it get? does it simply do nothing when you turn it on, or does it get some way through the POST and then stop with a different error? Or do some Fans spin up but nothing else happens? As a poster above has said (although more poetically than usual :wink: ) give some more details and we can give more specific ideas.

    [EDIT] oh yeah - you probably don't want to know this, but your gfx card is a lemon, big time [/EDIT]

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