Office 2003 not working with Win7 or Win8

Why did Microsoft design Win 7 & Win 8 to not work with Microsoft Office 2003 ?

Isn't there a law to protect consumers on this ??

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  1. ...Office 2003 works fine on my copy of win 7
  2. Office 2003 works just fine as long as you update it to SP3 after installation.
  3. Guys when i try to install, it gives me a error message & says it can't find Win XP or Vista..

    Ironically it installs on wifes computer, because it's been upgraded to Win7 & Office can see the old Win XP

    We paid like $300 + for this back when it came out & i'd like to use it, 2007 & 2010 had differences & file incompatables...
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    I assume you've already tried compatibility mode?
  5. Why would there be a law about this? Office 2003 was designed for the current(at time of release) set of OS's, and still works on those os's. Are you trying to keep MS from innovating?
  6. I've never had to use that ex-bubblehead, i'll have to do some research !
    Thanks, will let you know if it works..
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  8. Way to go ex-bubblehead, that cured my problem...
    You saved me some file loses !!
    Big Pat on the Back to you !!
  9. I just purchased a computer with windows 8 and installed microsoft office 2003 from a cd disk with no problem. it is student and teacher addition 2003. Should work with others also.
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