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I just installed windows 7 prof. 64 bit, and i have a dual monitor setup. the one monitor is connected via dvi, and works fine. The second monitor is connected via hdmi and is at a res of 1920x1080, but i still have black bars on both sides of the monitor about half an inch wide.
My video card is an Ati 4670. I've already been into the configuration and the scaling is at 0% which means this is as big as it will let me go. Anyone know how to fix this?
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  1. The monitor might have length and width adjustments.
  2. Actually as it turns out, the image does fill the entire screen. It's just the background that doesn't. I automatically thought it was set to stretch, because it filled my entire other screen, but it's not, and since there's no taskbar on the scond monitor, i didn't realize it was full size.
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