Installing xp over windows 7

i install xp on my pc i want to now install windows 7 direct on my pc this question ask you becuase some friend tell me direct installation after xp is not possible you first install after xp on vsita than install windows 7.please its true or not either i install windows 7 directly.
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  1. If I remember correctly you need to do a fresh install to Windows 7. But even if you can install Windows 7 over XP I would not recommend it. The best way to install any OS is a clean install you will have a lot less problems and a much better running OS than installing over the existing OS.

    Going from XP to Vista then to Windows 7 is not a good way to get a stable Windows you could have a lot of problems doing that way.
  2. dont do a half ass job do it right the first time

    back up your data, wipe the hdd and start fresh with Windows 7
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