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So my issue is when I connect my laptop via hdmi 1.4 to my Pioneer Elite reciever audio plays from the reciever, I turn on my projector which is the HDMI out fro the reciever, and the rendered display that I chose is displayed, however my device the Pioneer Elite under windows sound settings now says it is unplugged, there is no replacement option that appears, and audio reverts back to the laptop... turn off the projector, and audio goes back to the reciever... Any help on how to get both image to the Projector and sound from the reciever at the same time.. THanks.
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  1. Can you tell me which model Pioneer you have? And which version of Windows are you running?
  2. Pioneer elite and windows 7.

    For an update im now running laptop to my oppo to my receiver to my jvc xr55 and that works... Just can't get it to work directly to the receiver with the projector on
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