Reformatting Fujitsu Laptop with broken DVD drive

Hi everyone,

I am here again as I got amazing help /buildingsetting up my new PC which is now running fine! :D

I now have another problem! I have a Fujitsu Biblo NX70J/T laptop that is now about 5 years old. Over time it has become almost unusable due to Virus, tons of software etc. The dvd drive broke a while ago and I have been using a portable DVD drive that uses standard USB 2.

I want to do a clean install but have the following problem- The computer doesnt recognise the USB DVD drive when I try to boot from CD. I tried changing boot priority in Bios but believe, because there is no USB support, the Drive wont be recognised? I would like to install English XP disk I bough a while ago and would like to use this instead of the Japanese one currently on PC (my Japanese is improving but think a lot of my problems were from not understanding the warnings, installations etc)

Can I reinstall windows XP without using a drive?

I realise that this is maybe not the right forum for software problems, if someone can point me in the right direction I would be very grateful, this problem is driving me crazy! :pt1cable:

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  1. Another way to install OS without using disk would be using a USB drive or external hard disk drive. You can find more information about it by using Google :) cheers.
  2. Thanks holl0w,

    I checked about USB drive but think maybe the PC is too old for USB support. Will have another look, thanks!
  3. Sure no problem, do let me know if it works. Maybe we can work out something else if it fails. :)
  4. No luck with finding "boot from USB" in the Bios, either I cant find it or it doesnt have it. Takes a long time to start/ shut down because because of all the DLL errors, SMOS errors, C++ runtime errors, virus warnings etc.

    The current drive would sometimes work and sometimes not, depending on disc maker etc. Eventually it failed to work with almost everything and sometimes worked even when it didnt previously. Is there a way to check it is def hardware problem?

    I think I may be buying a new drive (or a new laptop)!
  5. Can you boot into safe mode? press F8 while booting up, If it yes, Boot into safe mode and run Anti-virus Software.
  6. Just wanted to thank everyone for the great advice, I actually managed to boot from DVD drive by trying many different CD-Rs. I remember from before that the drive seems to work with new CD-R only once before not recognising! I set up XP successfully a few days ago!
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