LCD monitor flickers when speaker is loud


My new Benq 22inch LCD monitor (model:G2220HD) flickers when i play music loud on my speakers(JBL stereo speakers).This flicker is more prominent when the monitor has a dark tones being displayed.

Has anyone faced similar issues.Could someone help me out please.
PS: My UPS has the earth pin missing.Not sure if it has got something to do with this problem,but then I just mentioned it.
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  1. try a few tests to see if you can determine what the trouble seems to be:

    test monitor with speakers off but attatched.
    test monitor with speakers detatched.
    test monitor with speakers on low and high.
    test monitor with speakers on moved away from your monitor on low and high.
    plug the speakers into a different socket than the computer. repeat tests.

    offhand i would say either you have a bad connection/cable. it could also be interference in your signal but i dont think so. do some tests.
  2. Thankx ssddx,

    I have the problem only when i turn the monitor loud and the flicker amplifies as the volume increases.It does not seem to be effected by the distance of the speakers from the monitor,in the sense, the flicker is consistent whether the speaker is far or near,only to depend on the volume of the speaker as I mentioned.
    I am left with trying out the last test, which is to plug into a different socket.
    I will try it out and update you on the same.

  3. Hi,

    I now removed the vga cable and plugged the Dvi cable and it seems to be working fine!Wonder what went wrong with the vga cable,or if its something else.
    Thanks for your comments and suggestions!
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    There is flicker because your speakers are not magnetically shielded or not shielded enough which can cause distortions to other electrical equiptment.

    VGA calbes carry an anlog signal which can have signal distortion while digital signal from HDMI, DP, and DVI can't have signal distortion.
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