Whenever my system boots it asks me to choose operating system

please whenever i boot my pc i starts making sounds for like 15 secs and later asks me t choose my operating.
this started wheni removed my battery for like 3 weeks and then inserted it back.
am using acer mini.
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  1. Are you still able to boot into Windows?
  2. yes.
    but i want it to start automatically when i boot my system. like it normally does.
  3. What options does it offer? I'm not sure if you're seeing the one where options like "Safe mode", "Safe mode with networking", or it is the Windows Boot Manager.
  4. the only options that comes out is "windows 7"
    if i then selects it, it will then start loading microsoft and start.
  5. try Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\System

    then advanced settings then startup and recovery settings

    then set time to display list of operating systems to 0 seconds
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