Does Microsoft own Nvidia?

So yesteraday I was over at my cousins house, hangin out after he came home from school (Collage), and he asked if I wanted to help him put his new gaming system together.

I told him that would be cool, because he knows how much I like putting systems together, I said it be nice to see what components he had gotten after his tax returns, who knows I might possibly get to play some games, on it for helping set it up for him.

So he comes out of his bedroom, with a few parts boxes in a bigger cardboard box, and in it was motherboard, cpu, ram, 2 graphic cards, 3 hard drives, etc. etc. etc. after I got all the smaller part boxes out of the big box, I start laying them out on the workbench.

Then I started installing the components into his compter case, after I got them all installed andturn everything on, Windows 7 immediately recognized the 2 Nvidia 460 (Fermi) core GPU's that I installed, before I could even get online and download the firmwares, it seems he was able to aquire 2 Nvidia labled cards thru a friend at work.

The next thing I did, was clicked on Properties, & found that next to the Graphic cards names, it said "x2 Nvidia Geforce 460 GTX (Fermi) 1GB 192-bit) right next to that it showed (Microsoft Corporation) in bold lettering, and I had asked him if he knew that Nvidia might be owned by them, and he said that he wasn't aware of it.

As far as I knew Nvidia (themselves) only made 1 model of the 460's, and from what I remember it only had 768MB not 1GB like his seemibly have, as for my title suggests I still can't figure out, or find out online if Nvidia is owned by Microsoft or not, so I turn to all of you here at Tom's to see if you can answer this question...

Is Nvidia owned by Microsoft, and if so why are they hidding, this fact from most gamers?
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  1. Nvidia is in no way owned by microsoft. If Nvidia was sold somewhere along the lines, there must be a public announcement to share holders.

    On the other hand Nvidia just settled a billion dollar lawsuit against Intel.

    You may find "Microsoft" somewhere on your Nvidia or ATI graphics card because Microsoft owns Direct X. Since graphics cards run Direct X and also runs on windows. There may very well be references to Microsoft all over the place.
  2. Do you have a link, to this settlement info, so I can read up on it?
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