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Does anyone have a driver for an older, maybe 2004 era cheap digital camera?

is a picture of what it looks like.

The only thing ive found is "usb still camera" and doing searches there was some forum where people posted the zip driver but the links dont work.

Running Windows7, it comes up in device manager as

Other devices -- USB Digital Still Camera then says the drivers are not installed, and it cannot find them.

searching is annoying because thousands of sites say oh sure, we have the driver, then you click and its some fake phishing looking site that doesnt have it. There was a site found called Driver Mender, that seems to have an updated database of drivers; i had used something like this about 5 years ago, paid about $35/year and it worked but cant recall who it was

I have this digital camera and need to use it; not like before when i could just buy another one. thanks for any help
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    The clue is in the name ( it's probably generic chinese junk.

    Rather than spend hours searching I would personally buy a new webcam which includes a driver for your version of Windows -- or preferably buy a brand name model which will hopefully include continuing support for use with new versions if you upgrade Windows in the future .
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  3. turns out youre SO right, i found the driver and hadnt updated my question here but I need a camera thats close to 800x600 at 30 frames/sec or more

    this one is about 300x200 maybe, at '3' frames/sec (THREE) its supposed to connect to a microscope and it doesnt work
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