Laptop won't move past POST screen

Hey guys. I'm in need of some help here and thought you could help me out.

I have a Gateway FX p-7915 notebook, and have got into serious trouble with it. Namely, the PC first started freezing a few minutes after booting Windows 7. Considering it a small problem I started removing certain programs which could have been the source of the problem and shutting down processes in Task Manager. Since nothing did the trick, I decided to restore to Factory Defaults, losing my c: drive in the process but gaining a clean Windows install. It finished everything ok, the Windows was configured and I was well on my way. However, during the regular post clean install automated installation of drivers and Gateway bloatware, the PC froze again. After 10 minutes of being frozen, I did a hard reset and now the computer won't get past POST screen. Also, obviously neither the options to press F10 or F2 don't work, as it does nothing except for a short beep from the speaker. If anyone has any clue as to what can I do, I will be most thankful.

Thank you in advance, and please, do be kind and help a fellow out.
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  1. Hi there,

    hmm, reading the initial freeze, I would think a bad memory module, or HD that starts to get bad, possibly a hot CPU. But if you have been able to completely re install the laptop, which takes a good half hour I guess, and the freezing did not occur there, all three options become less likely (although still possible I think).

    Have you already checked if the Harddrive did not loosen, having a skewed connection now so not all contacts are properly made ? That can also make the BIOS halt, or even not even boot a PC / laptop.

    So now you are stuck looking at some BIOS output right ? Can you still enter the BIOS (according to
    you press F2 as soon as the Gateway logo appears). I did read your post, but just want to be sure. What exactly do you see (what do you mean with POST ?)

    Seeing a POST< yet not being able to enter the BIOS with PC's would indeed hint to a not well connected HD, or in the old days not well set jumpers for master / slave on HD's and DVD / CD drives.

    Hope this helps trigger new thinking ? Let me know how you progress, I could help thinking (only after a morning coffee though ;)
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