How can i get my jvc stereo to sort files by artist instead of album?

My KD-R520 JVC stereo receiver only sorts the wma's on my usb by album. I have 67 albums on one usb, but they are grouped alphabetically by album name, not by artist name, even though each album is a subfolder of the artist folder. Is there any way to make it alphabetically by artist, then album? I've looked at the manual and there is nothing I can change in the settings. Maybe if I renamed each song by artist, then song title? I can't bring myself to do that, Its tedious and ridiculous.
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    Tedious and ridiculous is at the heart of all products lacking good instructions...
    Yes you must rename all by artist. OR start over even better.
    It's cool to convert the bitrate with a program like Sony soundforge Pro, before you put files into the deck...This (somehow magically) produces a spectacular improvement in audio quality. It also eats up way more memory, etc...but I like it.
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