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[Headset] What's wrong with my audio?

Lately I've been noticing some static like noise while I play some of my songs on my PC. But the weird thing is, I'm only experiencing it in one of my 3 audio options. I have two wall mounted speakers, small Creative headphones and a Razer Carcharias gaming headset.

On my two speakers the audio is fine, and same thing with the small Creative headset. It's when I play the same section of the song with my Carcharias, that I start hearing some kind of static noise.

I've also ran around the house and found 3 other, older gaming headsets, including a Gamecom Plantronics and a Creative one, and I can hear the same static noise there.

So what I'm wondering is why is it that I can only hear the static like noises in the gaming headsets?
Thanks in advance

PS: I don't have a sound card, and the song I was testing it with was "Five Finger Death Punch - If I Fall" MP3.
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  1. perhaps it is the port you connect to. that would explain why all 3 headsets react the same way even though i doubt they are all bad.

    you could test your headset on another pc which is known to work to verify.
  2. I think I forgot to mention. But the small Creative headphones were using the same port, only the two speakers were using a different one.
    And I also tried playing the same song, and file, from my smartphone, same thing with the static noises. Although I only tried my Razer headset on that one.
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    you are going to have to try out a whole bunch of combinations then to discover if the problem is in the file (sometimes better speakers hear the noise while bad ones do not), the port, or the headset.

    sometimes adding an additional amp to a system also raises background "hiss/static"

    i know for a fact that low quality mp3 streams from the internet used to sound acceptable on a pair of ipod buds but on my studio headphones i can definitely notice the hiss and i have to go to a HQ stream because of it.
  4. I guess the problem is in the quality of the mp3 file. Thanks for your quick responses :)
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