How to upgrade my intels hd graphics

Hello, i recently installed PES(pro evolution soocer) 2012 on my system but it it justs hangs and teell me that my video card is not sufficient for the game my laptop is Dell N4050
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  1. Sorry, Laptop graphics are only very rarely upgradable. Yours is not.
  2. Your best bet is to upgrade to a better processor as the intel HD graphics is on the processor die.

    Let me know what CPU you have and I will tell you if yours can be improved and what processor will work for you...
  3. he has a laptop, nothing he can do.
  4. ^^ if he has the intel HD 2000 on his CPU then upgrades to one with the HD 3000 he will see an impressive gain in graphics performance.

    The trick is he must use a CPU with the same socket and TDP. I can help him choose.

    See here for the differences:

    The HD 3000 has double the execution units of the HD 2000.
  5. ? You can't upgrade the CPU. It's a laptop. Your best option is to buy a desktop
  6. It would make your game playable shown here:
  7. unksol said:
    ? You can't upgrade the CPU. It's a laptop. Your best option is to buy a desktop

    Shows how much you know. You can EASILY upgrade a laptop CPU on this model. Only laptops with soldered CPUs (mostly just intel atoms) cannot be upgraded.

    I upgraded mine ( inspiron 15r n5110) from an i3-2350 to an i7-2720qm. It runs a little hotter, with the fan on more but is super stable and quick as the proverbial **** off a shovel. I upgraded the TIM (mx-4) and run with turbo off mostly when I require cool quiet use, but even at full bore it only hits 70 C tops.
  8. See this list on wiki:

    The TDP for the pentium B*** are all 35W

    This is the same as ALL the rest up to the best i5...

    They share identical sockets. The GPU is on the CPU die.

    Here is a very cheap i3 compatible from ebay:

    an i5 on ebay:

    The price on the i3 is only £20 and it will double his graphics horsepower
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