Problem after installing windows 7 and xp

i have 2 hard disk's. i have installed Windows 7 first which i was using.later i bought second hard disk and installed windows xp . now my problem is that i dont find windows7 i.e it doesnt give me two booting options what is the problem
and what are i settings that i should do?

please give me a solution.
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  1. You installed in reverse order you should have. At this point you will have to go in and repair the boot drive of W7 and then XP OR install XP 1st and then do the dual boot install of W7.

    This was the case of Vista and XP and I'm pretty sure its the same with W7. To simplify things it will probably be easier to install XP then W7 and all should work fine...
  2. XP first, Win 7 second
  3. can u plz give me step's to change them without reinstalling them both .
    so that i can see both options when system boots.

    Windows 7 installed first directions start half way down the page and go from there. Do some reading and you should be good to go...
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