Samsung LCD TV display issue

Hey guys,

After spending hours trying to fix this issue myself I figure the next best thing to do is to ask.

Currently having resolution issues with my 26" Samsung LCD TV (Model #LN26B360C5D) when used with an older Dell Dimension 3100 PC with Windows 7 Ultimate, SP1.

After a re-install of Windows 7 done by a colleague, for some reason my TV won't display it's native resolution of 1366x768 which I'm almost 100 percent sure it had before because I didn't notice any distortion or quality loss. I checked the drivers of both the monitor and the adapter and they read as follows:

Adapter - Standard VGA Graphics Adapter
Monitor - Generic PnP Monitor

When I first plugged the VGA cable into the PC, after the re-install, a Samsung driver option appeared and then quickly changed itself to the Generic PnP driver. I have searched all over the web and cannot find the corresponding PC driver from Windows that will work with my TV (if that is even the issue). I also tried booting in Safe Mode and into low-resolution 640x480 and changing the resolution manually hoping that would work but it didn't. There are several Samsung drivers on the PC when I deselect the option "show compatible hardware" in the screen resolution window but I can't figure out which driver works for my tv.

I've tried pretty much everything and I thank you guys all in advance for the help but I have no idea where to go from here....
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  1. Sort out your graphics card driver first.

    Also I am pretty sure that thing only maybe SCRAPES BARELY past win 7 minimum requirements.

    You might not even get a win 7 driver for it.... XP was what it was designed for...

    Let me check,

    They have a 32-bit vista chipset driver you could try.
  2. Ok no problem thanks. This computer is prehistoric and I only use it for web browsing and other minor stuff (I have a MBP as my main device) so if this doesn't get resolved it's not a big deal.

    Thanks for your response I appreciate it :)
  3. Adapter - Standard VGA Graphics Adapter says it all. You don't have the drivers installed. MS will install generic drivers as above in order to allow the system to boot enough for you to install real drivers.
  4. Ya that makes total sense. I realized it was a generic MS driver but when I go to advanced settings in the driver option it gives me all of the manufacturers (ATI, Intel, MS, NVIDIA) and when I click on Intel it has several Intel(R) Chipset options which probably will work I just have no idea which one it is after searching. It also says that "installing this device driver is not recommended because Windows cannot verify that it is compatible with your hardware"

    Is it safe to install a Intel chipset?

  5. TRy the download I linked. it is specifically for the model of build that you have. Vista drivers should work for win 7 usually...
  6. Ya I tried the link and selected the Vista 32 bit option and installed the Dell driver under the Chipset option and it is still giving me the "not optimum mode - recommended mode 1360x768 60hz"...I think I'm out of options. But thanks for your help americanbrian.

    Any other suggestions feel free to send em over if you ever have spare time haha

  7. Could you list the exact model number of the TV please and I will see what I can do...
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